Author: Mike Teixeira

Beyond Stock Images

You’ve been tasked with putting together the next pitch deck for one of your clients. The outline and copy have been refined, but the only way to truly make those words sing is to include stock images beyond the typical woman-working-on-a-computer shot. Sure, you can comb through your typical go-tos, but finding fresh stock imagery websites and knowing how to navigate them will only make you stand out and show your true value. Not to mention, unique stock images for… Read more »

5 tips for hiring a slide designer

You’ve started your online hunt for a slide designer by typing the phrase “slide design.” Up come dozens of pages of people and companies claiming to be excellent presentation designers. They probably all say they excel in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides and Prezi. They may even have portfolio samples you like. But how can you really tell if this particular slide designer is right for your project? Here’s a handy-dandy list to help you filter out the pros from the hacks. Do they connect… Read more »

Company profile by COVE

This is a great little profile written by the people at COVE, the workspace where our offices are located. It’s a good overview of Mike’s thoughts on what DECK offers and why presenting is so important for today’s business and thought leaders. Check it out.

DECK Reshuffles the Presentation

Portsmouth, NH is very important to the cultural mix we think is important here at DECK. We love the way that you have everything from independent artists at the Button Factory to large Broadway scale shows at the historic Music Hall. Plus, don’t even get us started on the restaurants (hint: Check out the Black Trumpet). This mix helps inspire the team. So, this article by the local Seacoast Online newspaper was especially sweet. Read the article here >> P.S…. Read more »

Lost in the woods: the agency model dilemma

Let’s face it, the communication agency model is broken. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true. I don’t care if you’re a PR, advertising, marketing, or integrated agency. All of you are suffering under the weight of rampant organic growth and service creep and it’s killing you. Even worse, it’s killing clarity of message and effectiveness of business leadership. I should know, I served as the SVP of an integrated agency for almost a decade. In a way agencies are a victim… Read more »

How to project your voice – a major key to improving your presence

Project your voice? In the age of microphones it may seem silly to talk about. Even Broadway actors now use microphones and the slightest whisper can be detected. But projecting your voice is about more than being heard in the back of the room. It’s also about projecting your personality and increasing a perception of confidence. Also, keep in mind that many presentations take place in board rooms where you might not have a microphone…even in 2017. So, how do you… Read more »

Charts, graphs & other data visuals: The art of less, not more

I get it, you spent months (maybe years) collecting data. Finally, you have an opportunity to show off the results in your charts, graphs, or other snazzy data visualizations. Human nature would be to cram every single datapoint onto each of your visuals. I mean, you want to prove you’ve been actually doing something in your lab or office during all of that time when you claimed to have been “gathering data.” Right? But, are you helping your audience truly comprehend the… Read more »