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Scene Stealers – 4 Scenes To Steal Presentation Tips From

What is it about those small moments in your favorite shows and movies that make you want to cry, jump for joy, or tighten your fist in determination? What makes a mundane speaking scene moving? Odds are, it’s all in the actor’s presentation. So can we get presentation tips that we can use in our real life? I think the answer is yes! Since my first day as an intern at DECK, I have frequently caught myself analyzing these moments…. Read more »

How Oprah’s Golden Globes Speech Can Help You Be a Better Speaker

Did the earth shake a little during the 2018 Golden Globe Awards? In eight minutes, Oprah Winfrey electrified her audience at the Golden Globes with a speech that ignited a movement for her to run for President. It can also inspire you to be a better speaker. Accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement (a first for an African-American woman), Oprah used her speech to raise awareness of sexual harassment and assault and exhorted women across the country to… Read more »

Speak So Your Audience Will Listen, Part Two: How to Tell a Story

I was having a tough year. Divorce, sick dad, and now I’m launching a speaking career! What was I thinking?! Do I even know how to tell a story?! I stood in the quiet darkness backstage, waiting for my cue. On the other side of the curtain, the audience’s steady hum died down as the bow-tied host walked up the microphone. He smiled. “Hello, everyone. You’re in for a real treat today,” he said. As he spoke, I shifted nervously,… Read more »