Molly McPherson is a communications expert who frequently speaks about crisis communications, public relations, and social media for several national agencies and associations, including FEMA, Homeland Security, and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

Her busy work and travel schedule has made it increasingly hard to create fresh content for presentations between speaking engagements. So, for her latest talk, she turned to DECK for backup.

Molly wanted a new look for her presentation that extended her branding and also created a system of elements she could re-purpose for other engagements.

Many of her presentations begin with an overview of the evolution of public relations and social media events over time. We created a visually compelling, animated timeline in Keynote that moves quickly. View the snippet below. What’s great: this element is entirely editable by the client. Dates can be changed, and images and media swapped out to tell a different story.

Molly has years of experience in front of audiences. We sat in on her rehearsals and offered different perspectives for her delivery. By providing some transition ideas and vocal delivery tweaks, Molly took her impressive speaking abilities to another level.

We loved working with Molly. If you want to work with her, too, find her at Social Shift Media.



This animation was done entirely in Keynote utilizing their animation tools. It remains editable for the client to make modifications and update the content.